Esse is an Artificial Intelligence platform with advanced natural language processing skills and a proprietary Smart Search engine.

Esse has an intelligent self-evolving knowledge base that offers highly contextual information, accurately and instantly.

The unique combination of these skills makes Esse an incredible solution that can be used across all your enterprise systems.

Collective dream

Esse is an extension
of our partner

We work very closely with our partners. The success of our partner is as vital to us as our own.

Catalyse dreams

We work with our partners to see the larger picture. This clarity allows us to break it down into smaller steps, followed by action plans to solve each step.

We are as passionate as our partners in achieving the collective dream.

Democratise access to information
Federal Bank
Reimagine customer experience through conversational AI

Leadership team

John Mathew
Vidhya Subramanian
Joseph Babu
Sreenath KV
Benny Xavier
Benoy Joseph
Neeraj Manoharan

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exciting together

If you have any queries or want to know more about Esse, feel free to get in touch with our team. You can mail us at